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New home siding really is the ultimate marriage of style and practicality. Nothing can transform your curb appeal like clean, colorful shutters that make you feel at ease as they shield all eyes from looking into what lies beneath - whether it be an old neglected house or one freshly built with new fixtures in mind!

The benefits don't stop there either: If we're talking aesthetics alone (and let's face it; most people do) then nothing beats getting rid of those dreaded brownish-white stripes forever by switching out only some boards on each side while leaving everything else intact; not having to worry about hidden problems.

We know that your home is the greatest place for you and those who matter most in life. Protecting it from harmful elements like wind, rain, snow - or even just the hot summer sun- can make all of our lives easier by keeping us cool inside during these sweltering days! Our team at Tacoma House Siding will work hard on making sure this happens with new siding installation which goes way beyond aesthetics...

5 Benefits Of New House Siding

Improved Home Appearance: Our goal is to make your house look as good on the outside as it does on the inside. We know that new siding can help with this, because not only will you be getting a fresh coat of paint or trimming plants for summertime beauty; but also by choosing from different types of wood like cedar shake (perfectly paired) or redwood panels-you're giving yourself an opportunity at having some fun! And don't forget about adding accents such as vinyl medias and luxury fiber cement options which come in all sorts of hues making every home owner’s dream come true with a stunning new aesthetic.

Increased Home Value: One of the best investments you can make in your home is new siding. On average, we see that it increases a house’s value by 80% when applied to projects-and this number doesn't even account for all potential benefits like increased curb appeal or faster sales times! Not only will people enjoy looking at these beautiful homes while they're here visiting but if anyone ever wants buy one then he or she will get their money back too because there's no way someone could resist such an improvement on what was already quite lovely property before.

Energy-Efficiency Improvement: It's no secret that new windows can make your home more energy-efficient, but did you know siding is just as effective? When installing new exterior material like vinyl or aluminum panels on the outside of our homes we include house wrap and insulation to reduce heat transfer. And because these benefits pay off monthly with lower electric bills for homeowners in Gig Harbor, Washington! Don't believe us? We've had clients who said their interior walls felt warmer to the touch after we replaced their siding!

Catch Issues Ahead Of Time: If you want to keep your house from leaking water, molding and rotted away under the siding then it is important that we install new ones. Installing these will make sure there are no more problems with leaks or any other issues like this again!

High Quality Materials: Vinyl siding has a bad reputation for being outdated and "plasticky," but new vinyl can look absolutely gorgeous. If your home is covered in that junky old stuff, replacing it will go a long way toward making the outside of your house upscale. If you're tired of looking at an eyesore on every side then we have good news: installing quality replacement panels or trimming back some overgrowth might just be what's needed! The new siding is a great investment because it has so many benefits. This includes one of the best features - an attractive style that homeowners love to see on their homes! Our siding options include:

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James Hardie Fiber Cement House Siding

James Hardie Industries is a household name when it comes to fiber-cement siding. The brand James Hardie has become synonymous with the material in much the same way that Kleenex means tissues, and their dominance doesn't come at too high price for homeowners either because they've only diversified into other materials as opposed from investing heavily elsewhere like others do. If you're looking for a quick and easy way to keep your house looking fresh, then HardiePlank is what you need. This classic James Hardie product comes in many different styles with through-body colors already baked into them! If you want to change the color of your home, HardiePlank is just as easy. It can be painted any other type or colors available with paint and all products come in lengths from long planks up panels 4x8 feet perfect for installation on a house!

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Frequently Asked Questions About House Siding

How much does it cost to side a house?

The average cost of siding your house is $12 per square foot, but this can be reduced to just two dollars for budget-friendly materials. More expensive options may run up into the fifty dollar range! There are many different types of surfaces available including brick and wood among others; so find out what's best based on where you live - keeping in mind that there aren't any really bad choices here because they all have their own special benefits which make them worth exploring more fully before making an ultimate decision.

How to side a house?

  • Measure Soffit Pieces - Measure and cut the soffit pieces. The vinyl siding should come in 12-foot (3.66 meter) lengths, but you'll need to measure for a 1/4 inch shorter piece that is just less than your desired length before cutting it with an extra notch along one edge where it's been measured against; this gap allows expansion during warm weather conditions.

  • Install Corner Posts - No one likes a rambler, but there are some that just can't be avoided. In these cases it may help to install foam sheathing strips at the corners of your house and run corner posts from 3/4" below bottom of starter strip up towards eaves- this will imitate board & batten siding while still giving you more protection against water seepage for Gig Harbor harsh winters.

  • Siding the Soffit and Fascia Area - Nail lengths of J-channel against the inner edge of your fascia board. This channel will conceal all cut edges as they meet with soffit and provide a watertight seal for any leaks that may occur in this area!

  • Install the Wall Siding - After you have applied any necessary insulation materials to the walls, measure and cut lengths of siding so that each panel ends 1/4 inch shy from vertical trim pieces. If installing in freezing conditions leave 3⁄8" extra for expansion. Lets do this step together! Measure your window or door frames first before getting out the measuring tape because there's no way we want them too short after all our hard work right? Now take a look at these pictures below showing what an improperly installed piece should look like if done incorrectly which will lead us into having gaps where wind-driven rain can enter along with sunlight being blocked by debris blowing around during extreme weather events. Slide the bottom row of panels into place by hooking their lip under a starting strip. Secure them with nails every 16 inches or so and make sure that they are centered in slots, leaving 1/16th head above vinyl siding for movement purposes later on when it's time to expand your home.

  • Overlap Adjoining Panels - When joining two lengths of siding together, it's best to overlap them by about 1 inch. Choose the side that will be least noticeable from your house or most used area in order not have an unsightly seam when viewed from any angle! For example - if you live on a corner lot with lots going towards both yards then utilize right over left Joining style so nothing sticks out as strange looking next door neighbor-wise. Cuts are required to make adjustments when fitting a window's siding. First, you will need your measuring tape and pencil for marking panel edges with the appropriate measurements at each end point of where they meet up against glass in order not only cut out pieces but also leave room between individual boards if needed so there won't be any gaps left behind once installed! The final step of finishing up this job is to measure and cut the siding. Cut pieces should be above and below windows, as normal. The last thing we need before calling it quits on our little project for today; installing new window trimming!

Should I Buy a House With Asbestos Siding?

It is hard to know the right answer when you ask yourself, “should I buy a house with asbestos siding?”. The simple truth of it all depends on what buyers want and need in their home- not just one characteristic like this single factor does by itself. As we'll learn more about soon enough; there's no hazardous risk posed from having these materials exteriorly unless they come into contact which would then become dangerous for those near them as well due largely because such work requires protection equipment such as masks or gloves (and sometimes both). The asbestos in your house is not going to cause you any harm, as long as the siding has not been damaged. Understand that some insurance companies will refuse coverage for homes with this type of material - it can be tough finding an insurer who agrees on such things! But if someone does agree and covers their damages when they happen (which hopefully would never!), then at least there are less risks involved by making sure everything's replaceable before too much damage occurs from something else happening out of nowhere.

What Is Siding On a House?

Home siding comes in a variety of styles, colors and textures that can add value to your house. Homeowners often choose what they want for their own unique style but there are some basic functions home side must have if you plan on protecting it from outside elements like wind or water damage while also providing insulation against heat loss during cold winter months when the temperature drops below freezing point.

The material will keep out dirt particles so cleaning is easy! Shingles come with paint options too - just check which ones match best before buying bottles at hardware stores. The most basic function of home siding is to protect your house from outside elements. But it also has a design component in which its aesthetic appeal can help create the feeling we all want for our houses: community and cohesion with others around us.

The first function of home siding is to protect your house from outside elements like rain, snow and hail or ice. There are other elements protecting the inside but it's our exterior that cues people in on what life at this address may be all about - style! Shingles provide an instant collective feel for any neighborhood as they're typically similar across different houses, which gives them their own identity while still maintaining some level of continuity. So go ahead: pick out just-the right color scheme then order up those shingles today; doing something simple can make such a big difference.