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CraneBoard® Siding Installation

Your siding for your Tacoma home is an important investment, and you want to be sure you are getting the best possible product for your home. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know which Tacoma house siding is the right choice for you. When it comes to quality, energy savings, and warranty, Craneboard® by Exterior Portfolio is the clear choice. Known for its energy savings and noise reduction capabilities, Craneboard® is also impact resistant and maintenance free. Available in an array of vibrant colors, Craneboard® is the only siding on the market with a "Life of the House Warranty." So as long as your home is standing, there is a material and labor warranty in place. Don't settle for anything less than the best with CraneBoard®.

CraneBoard® Siding

Energy-Efficient With Alluring Durability.
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CraneBoard® Solid Core Insulated Siding®

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About CraneBoard Siding

Tacoma House Siding is the exclusive provider of CraneBoard siding in the Tacoma, WA area. CraneBoard siding is a high-performance, eco-friendly alternative to fiber cement, wood, engineered wood, and brick siding. It is made from over 80% recycled content and can withstand hurricane-force winds up to 160 mph. Tacoma House Siding offers both horizontal lap and board & batten profiles to provide more exterior design options. Contact Tacoma House Siding today to learn more about CraneBoard siding and how it can benefit your home.

CraneBoard® Smart Styles™ Premium and Smart Styles™ Expressions shades use Chromatix™ technology to provide long-lasting color protection. Plus, our siding won't warp, buckle or sag over time. And if that's not enough, it's virtually maintenance-free! In fact, we're so confident in our product that we offer a Life of the Home Limited Warranty. And because it's manufactured from recyclable materials, you can feel good about your purchase knowing that you're helping to protect the environment. So don't wait any longer, call us today to learn more about our products!

CraneBoard® siding is truly innovating:

  • Solid Core Siding® protects from moisture, noise, weather, and wear and tear

  • Chromatix™ technology color protection

  • Industry leading cost-saving benefits

  • Unlimited design flexibility

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CraneBoard® Solid Core Siding®

Solid Core Siding® exterior siding is beautiful and classic, and requires little maintenance to keep it looking its best. That's why CraneBoard® Solid Core Insulated Siding® is such a great option. It has the authentic cedar-grain look that you love, but it's also low maintenance and features innovative thermal resistance technology. So you can have the best of both worlds - a gorgeous exterior that's easy to care for!

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CraneBoard® Board and Batten Siding

CraneBoard Solid Core Siding® is the perfect solution for those who want to protect their homes from the elements without compromising on style. This versatile siding comes in a range of colors and styles, meaning it can be used to achieve any look, from contemporary and clean to traditional and elegant. What's more, it is highly durable, low maintenance, and easy to install, making it the perfect choice for busy homeowners. So if you're looking for a siding option that will help you protect your home for years to come, CraneBoard's Board and Batten option is the perfect choice.

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