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Celect® Siding Installation

Celect® siding is one of the best Tacoma house siding options available on the market. It's built to last and looks amazing, with a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from. If you're looking for Tacoma house siding that will make your home stand out from the rest, Celect® siding is the way to go. Thanks to its interlocking joints, Celect® siding is highly resistant to moisture and almost completely eliminates seams. This means that your Tacoma house siding will never warp, buckle or shift like wood might. Celect® siding is a great way to add value to your home and make it look its best. Contact us today to learn more about Celect® siding and how it can benefit your home

Celect® Siding

Resists Fading, Degrading, and Weathering.
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Celect Cellular Composite Siding

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About Celect Siding

Celect® siding is the latest innovation in premium vinyl siding materials. Its interlocking joints keep moisture out and almost completely eliminate seams, which means it not only looks authentic, it’ll never warp, buckle or shift like wood. Our Celect® vinyl siding option is backed by a limited lifetime and 25-year color protection warranty. Celect® siding is also impact resistant, standing up to the harshest weather conditions, and is wind resistant to over 210 mph. This vinyl siding is made with Kynar Aquatec® coating for UV protection that won't fade, chip, peel, or crack.


Celect® siding is a beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance siding option that will keep your home looking its best for years to come. Celect® siding is also environmentally friendly, made from recycled materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. And because it’s so easy to install, you can have it installed in no time. So if you’re looking for a siding material that looks amazing and is built to last, Celect® siding is the perfect choice for your home.

Celect® siding is very low maintenance:

  • Kynar Aquatec® eliminates any need for repainting in the future

  • Interlocking joints eliminate any gaps

  • Dirt, water, and insect resistant year-around

  • No caulking or resealing needed

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Celect® Cellular Composite Siding

Celect Cellular Composite Siding siding is the best way to protect your home from the elements. It is backed by a limited lifetime and 25 year color protection warranty, making it the most durable siding on the market. It is also impact resistant, wind resistant, and has interlocking joints that adjust to natural expansion and contraction. The Kynar Aquatec® coating provides superb UV protection, and there are no gaps, warping, buckling, or wavy lines. This siding is sure to keep your home looking its best for years to come.

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Celect® Clapboard Siding

Celect Cellular PVC Clapboard siding by Royal gives you the same traditional clapboard look without any of the problems that plague fiber cement siding. Celect is made of 100% virgin cellular PVC material that resists dirt, seasonal staining, and insects - so it will always look clean and new. There are no interlocking joints to allow gaps and provide easy access for water and moisture - so Celect won't rot, split, or crack like fiber cement siding does. And because Celect is made of PVC, there's no need to caul and re-caulk - it's completely maintenance free. So give your home the traditional look it deserves with Celect clapboard siding by Royal.

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Celect® Vinyl Shake Siding

Vinyl shake siding is a beautiful and elegant way to update the look of your home. This type of siding derives its good looks and character from thin, tapered pieces of wood that are assembled in a row. Vinyl shake siding is also very easy to maintain and is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a low-maintenance option. This type of siding is also a great choice for those who want to add a touch of charm and elegance to their home. Vinyl shake siding is an excellent way to achieve a classic look for your home.

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