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What Is Cedar Wood Siding?

About cedar siding: Unlike any other siding, cedar siding companies make the siding from actual Cedar trees. So many home owners put siding on their home to mimic the appearance of cedar. This is the real deal. Even though it is not the most affordable option for your siding needs, this the beautiful aesthetic for your home. It can come in shapes and sizes like cedar planks, cedar shiplap, cedar clap board, etc. You can paint the siding any color desired or stain it and leave it the naturally pleasing wood color it already has. Many different types of cedar siding become even more pleasing over time since it will darken and harden just like real trees.

Cedar board maintenance: regular maintenance is required when adding Cedar shake to your home. If you want to get the maximum lifetime out of your wood, you will want to re-stain or paint the siding every few years. The siding can be quickly power washed to remove debris and clean the exterior of your home. This can almost double the life time of the product. Since cedar siding is natural wood, it does tent to attract bugs and insects. If not properly treated and sprayed for bugs every couple years, termites could potentially damage your siding. This can be easily avoided with regular maintenance. Cedar siding replacement may be necessary during its life time but it is fairly easy to do can be done by anyone. Weather it is cedar planks, panels, shingles or whatever kind of siding applied, the wood can be easily cut out and replaced.

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Advantages Of Cedar Siding

Cedar is a light wood making it easy to cut and design to fit the customer's needs. Its light weight will make the installation process easier and quicker as well saving you money right off the bat. Even though this material is light, it is very dense. This feature allows very minimal heat to be transferred through the wood making it a very good insulator around your home. This is going to save you more money on your heating bill than most other wooding siding. Cedar siding is a very durable material as well. Adding more strength to your home than materials like vinyl or other softer woods.


This is a good option for areas with high winds where debris could be thrown. Overtime though, the cedar is potentially prone to rot and decay. Most cedar wood comes with a 15 year warranty but can last much longer if the wood is properly treated. The decomposition of this wood can be delayed by adding stain to your wood or painting the planks. This is not always a bad thing. For cedar siding, many people believe that the siding actually starts to look more pleasing to the eye. As it ages, cedar has anti fungal properties making it resistant to warping.


Another advantage of this material is that it is all natural. For people with green homes, this type of siding is eco friendly and will naturally decompose. Since it is real wood, is it very fire prone. There are types of spray barriers that can be added to the outside of the home to make the cedar siding more fire resistant. The main reason people purchase this siding is for the beautiful aesthetic it adds to your home. For people remodeling a house, adding cedar siding can add thousands of dollars to the market value of your home. There is no siding that can add more curb appeal than natural wood. The warmth the siding gives to your home makes it blend in to almost any environment it is in.

Some wood types that you can choose from for your home are pine, cedar, redwood, and spruce. Ask your wood siding business or wood siding company which species of wood you would like and which option is best for you. 


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A specific type of wood siding is cedar siding. Cedar siding is made up of wood and is usually either red or white cedar. It can be painted any color or you may choose to keep its original appearance. It is one of the most durable wood options for siding and is often put on in shingles or panels. We would love to help you install cedar siding if you are searching for “cedar siding near me” or “cedar siding companies near me.”


Wood can be painted in any color and can have a multitude of finishes. If you are going for a certain look, wood can be the option for you. It also does not pollute the air when it is manufactured. It is not as long-lasting as Hardie board siding and is more expensive than vinyl siding. However, both Hardie board siding and wood siding are cheaper than brick. Wood siding is not the best option for you if you live in an area that is prone to wildfires.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl House Siding

How to install cedar shake siding: The first thing you want to do is apply house wrap to the house to protect it from water damage. Before adding the wood to the home, make sure to protect the wood. This can be done by staining or painting the wood on both sides. After this is done the siding can be applied as well as any fasteners or trim. 

How to clean cedar siding: Cedar siding is a tough material and can with stand the pressure of a power washer so cleaning is relatively easy. Once cleaned touch up any paint simply with a paintbrush.

How to restore weathered cedar siding: When restore weathered wood, you will first want to remove the existing paint from the siding. Then properly clean the wood with soap and water or with a pressure washer. Once the wood is dried, you can prime and repaint the wood or apply a stain to keep its natural look.

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