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Your home is an important investment, and the type of siding you choose plays a huge role in both your future and your houses market value. The right siding should be eco-friendly, durable, and affordable so you have it for a lifetime. Tacoma House Siding has been bringing top rated home siding installation and services to the Tacoma Washington area for decades. We offer unmatched home improvement for exterior siding solutions across the Tacoma area. Our professionals have accumulated over 100 combined years of experience when it comes to installing and recommending the right house siding for you.

Because of our storied success for many decades, we have built long lasting relationships with many of the industry leading house siding manufactures in the Pacific Northwest. For our house siding materials, we only offer the best and premium siding materials for vinyl, metal, aluminum, cedarwood, batten board, James Hardie, LP, brick, and stone sidings. 

You and your home deserve the best service and at Tacoma House Siding that's what we provide. As the best siding contractor company in the Tacoma and surrounding area, we know you count on our expertise to bring you the best product. We implore you to look at our products gallery and testimonials to decide for your self on if we are the best fit for your home. If we need a specific type of material that we don't have directly then we reach out to one of our national partners and have them ship us the material directly. 

We offer many siding materials for your home including: Hardie plank siding, board and batten, vinyl siding, cedar siding, fiber cement, cedar shake siding, LP siding, hardy board, wooden siding, and more. Scroll below to check out more information on some of these siding materials. 

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With Tacoma House Siding we are experts when it comes to replacing house siding. Give us a call and set up a consultation for us to come out to your house and give you a free estimate as soon as possible. 



Proper home installation is crucial, that is why we have are proud to offer you our siding installation. With our professional house siding contractors, our company has been ranked best in the state for siding installation. 



Home siding repair can be tricky. You may not want to reside your entire house but you still have a section of siding damaged or missing. We are experts in repairing home siding and knowledge of home siding repair. Call us today for a siding repair estimate. 



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Our House Siding Materials

Fiber Cement Siding: Fiber cement companies and manufacturers make their fiber cement using a few simple ingredients. This includes water, wood pulp, fly ash or silica, and Portland cement. This type of siding is more commonly used on the exterior of residential and some smaller commercial projects. The siding can be cut and manufactured to resemble almost any style type a customer may want. If you are desire a more wood-looking finish but do not want the disadvantages of wooden shingles, then a fiber cement installation may be right for you. Until you actually go up and feel the siding with your hands, anyone is going to think it is real wood. You can get the real wooden aesthetic to your home for half the price.

Cedar Shake Siding: Unlike any other siding, cedar siding companies make the siding from actual Cedar trees. So many home owners put siding on their homes to mimic the appearance of cedar. This is the real deal. Even though it is not the most affordable option for your siding needs, this is the beautiful aesthetic for your home. It can come in shapes and sizes like cedar planks, cedar shiplap, cedar clapboard, etc. You can paint the siding any color desired or stain it and leave it the naturally pleasing wood color it already has. Many different types of cedar siding become even more pleasing over time since it will darken and harden just like real trees.

James Hardie Siding: James Hardie siding is fiber cement siding made by James Hardie Manufacturer. It is also known as hardie board or Hardie siding. James hardy manufacturers make the fiber cement boards with a few simple ingredients, cement, sand, water, and cellulose fibers. Unlike normal fiber cement boards, like Durock, James Hardie does not use glass mesh inside the product. This makes the product much lighter and makes the installation cleaner. Although the chemical make up will differ by manufacturer, James Hardie siding is made with extra additives that help enhance the performance of the material.

Metal Aluminum Siding: There is a number of aluminum siding installation companies in Tacoma Washington, but the best is by far Tacoma House Siding. Aluminum siding is made from aluminum stock, where it is then chemically coated to protect the metal and then painted. From there is can be cut to and length and shipped off. Aluminum siding is more commonly used on industrial buildings, but can provide excellent siding for a home or commercial building as well. Unlike vinyl siding, Aluminum siding may have to be repainted every couple year to maintain its original color.

Vinyl House Siding: Vinyl siding is plastic exterior siding that has many benefits as to wood or aluminum siding. Vinyl siding is mainly made up mainly of PVC resin and it can be produced in many colors to fit the consumer’s demand. If you are looking for a wood or stone alternative siding that will last forever vinyl siding may be for you. Vinyl siding companies can manufacture the siding to almost any design or color you are after. Putting new siding on your home can also amp up the value of your home since it is increasing its curb appeal. It's also fairly easy to remove any grime or dirt from the siding since it can just be power washed to look just like it did the day it was installed.

Batten Board Siding: Batten board, or called, board and batten siding, has grown in popularity on Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds across the world, while also showing up in various magazines and home design websites. Although it is a popular trend right now, batten board siding dates back almost 200 years ago and has evolved into a more efficient alternative to log cabin homes. Used by the original American settlers on barns and homes, the seam of a wide board was covered with a slimmer strip or batten. This prevented weathering from affecting both the structure and the animals and/or humans contained therein. You’ll also see it used in vertical and/or horizontal siding, and sometimes both together. Batten board siding is constructed by vertical boards which are woven together with vertical battens to cover seams and make an airtight seal. This technique is very popular for its practicality and inexpensiveness. The result is very energy efficient for a relatively simple procedure.

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Benefits Of Our Siding Materials

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You won’t have to paint the house every spring. The sun, wind, and cold won’t affect the color of the siding. It will remain as fresh and bright as the day it was installed.

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Siding requires less upkeep than you would think. Power wash it every now and again, and your house will look incredible.

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Those are important keywords for today’s homeowner. Today’s siding offers insulation to protect the structure, giving the homeowner more affordable power bills each month.

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Home Value

We all want our houses to enjoy attractive home value. One of the first upgrades homeowners choose to increase home value is siding. This is because curb appeal is important to home value.

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Most siding is manufactured to last upwards of 50 years if not a lifetime. It isn’t impacted by weather hurling hail at it nor water causing it to rot. In some cases, the next homeowners will be covered by a warranty. Cladding your home can help prevent cracks caused by water, sunlight, pollution, or harsh temperatures.

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Older homes clad in siding look cheap because the siding was cheap. Today’s cladding is made to look like natural wood, stone, or brick. Even plain siding comes in a stunning array of colors and textures. Changing the siding on your home can make your house look years younger and can give it a whole new appeal.


Tacoma House Siding is proud to bring the residents of Tacoma, and surrounding cities, the best vinyl and house siding installation services to you!

We offer a variety of house siding including Aluminum, Azek, Batten Board, Wood, Concrete, Stone, Vinyl, Composite, and more. 

If you have a question about your house siding or are interested in a free estimate then call us today! (253) 289-0008.      

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The siding near me company is going to work hard to gain your trust and loyalty. Keeping that trust and loyalty is vital to us, so we’re going to give you good prices, quality materials in addition to quality workmanship. We know you’re going to spread the word about the great job we did in addition to the up to $250 discount we gave you on new house siding installation. We’re happy to help.

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Since cost is such an important part of siding replacement near me or siding installers near me, they generally offer homeowners a discount or some other enticement to get you to fill out their forms, get a quote, or an estimate, and ultimately buy from them. Now, this is a good idea for both homeowner and siding company or siding contractors near me. It gives you and the siding companies the beginning of a good relationship.


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Our siding was ripped apart by a storm, took nearly half our house away in the process too. Tacoma House Siding were able to come out the shortly afterwards and give us a free estimate on how much it would be to replace our house siding with a new and more durable composite material. 10/10 best company in Tacoma.

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